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We are among the first organisations to integrate a mobile solution for connecting travellers to all forms of medical services abroad. Our licenced medical professionals are validated and evaluated on the platform and can reach millions of individuals instantaneously!

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Other companies can easily integrate Health4Travel as a duty-of-care service in their offering as an extra revenue stream on top of their existing ones seamlessly. Thus, at the same time, Health4Travel creates ancillary revenue for a partner company. Our service provides streamlined booking of healthcare services for individuals or group travellers.

Book healthcare services on our platform now!

Currently, we collaborate with local healthcare organisations and airports to improve access to medical services for travellers. We help those who need quick, safe, and convenient vaccines, doctor’s appointments, and tests. Most importantly, we use encryption technology to protect our customers’ personal information.


“With I was able to book my travel vaccination easily and get out and travel”

“The user experience is easy and really helped me find my medical appointment on time.”

“I like the fact that we can administer medical services easily at our clinics and at the same time motivate people to book with us.”

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