About us

Health4Travel provides travelers with easy-to-find healthcare services.

“The international traveller is at the core of our thinking and acting. In the near future, we will enable travellers to digitally share their medical, travel, and health data in a controlled way with any healthcare or travel service provider they want to engage with. Making life easier for both the traveller and the travel industry.” - Chris Rawlings

In 2021, Marko and Chris, the founders of Health4Travel, combined their experience and expertise in Aviation Logistics and Service Design to create a one-of-a-kind digital solution to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back in 2021, this meant that we wanted to enable global access to COVID-19 testing and immunisations. Today, this message is prevalent in our efforts to link all forms of health services with travellers. The pairing of the two markets are frequently overlooked, despite our belief that they should be combined!

This is why we feel we are the future of the travel and leisure market, as we can mix the best of both worlds to provide the most seamless experience to those who utilise our services, travellers and businesses alike. .

Want to register your services with us?

Listing your medical service is quick, simple, and free. We’ll help you target the clients you want, sharing the market of both travellers and health-care customers, so you can successfully expand your business. We, like you, are passionate about travel and bringing the world closer together.

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