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Our booking services ensure a quick and easy procedure for selecting the best appointments for you. Our cost-effective traveller health services are suitable for both frequent flyers and business travellers looking for reliable services nearby.

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Are you planning a trip to the tropics? Find out what travel vaccinations you might need for your trip and book an appointment with us. You are at more risk of acquiring common diseases when travelling. Keep yourself healthy and protected for your adventure ahead!

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Need an urgent STD or Covid-19 test? Book your appointment today and get your results as soon as possible. We offer the safest and most private solutions in the area!

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How the service works

We collaborate with local health organisations and airports to improve access to medical services for travellers. We help those who need quick, safe, and convenient vaccines, doctor’s appointments, and tests. Most importantly, we use encryption technology to protect your personal information.

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“With I was able to book my travel vaccination easily and get out and travel”

“The user experience is easy and really helped me find my medical appointment on time.”

“I like the fact that we can administer medical services easily at our clinics and at the same time motivate people to book with us.”

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Medical companies can easily add and list appointments on the Health4Travel platform. Our digital expert team strives for attracting new customers and revenue streams for you. Start accepting new customer appointments today.

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